Experience Unmatched Comfort and Functionality with Horow’s Flush Toilets

When it comes to bathroom fixtures, one cannot underestimate the importance of a reliable and efficient flush toilet. The right toilet not only ensures proper sanitation but also adds a touch of comfort to your daily routine. Introducing Horow, a brand committed to providing versatile and comfortable bathroom solutions. With their innovative technology and commitment to user satisfaction, Horow flush toilets are revolutionizing the way we think about bathroom fixtures.

Versatile Supply Line Inlet for Easy Installation

Horow understands the importance of easy installation and compatibility with different plumbing setups. That’s why their T0280B flush toilet features a versatile supply line inlet. With two sizes of supply line inlet hoses and an included adapter, this toilet accommodates various supply line sizes. Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for the right fittings and adapters – Horow has you covered.

Comfort Design for Enhanced User Experience

Horow believes that everyone deserves a comfortable bathroom experience, regardless of their height or physical limitations. The T0280B flush toilet features chair-height seating, providing enhanced comfort for tall adults, the elderly, and disabled individuals. With Horow, you can enjoy a relaxing and comfortable experience every time you visit the bathroom.

Efficiency and Reliability for Peace of Mind

Horow flush toilets are more than just visually appealing- they are designed to deliver superior performance. With a powerful flushing system, the T0280B ensures efficient waste removal while minimizing water usage. You can trust Horow to provide a reliable and eco-friendly solution that won’t let you down.


When it comes to selecting a flush toilet that combines comfort, functionality, and reliability, Horow is the brand to trust. With their T0280B model, you can experience the ultimate in comfort design and enjoy versatile installation options. Don’t settle for subpar bathroom fixtures – upgrade to Horow and transform your bathroom into a haven of comfort and convenience. Say goodbye to plumbing woes and hello to a new level of satisfaction. Discover the Horow difference today and experience the joy of a truly exceptional flush toilet.


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